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Our "Roof Asset Management Program" will set benchmarks for your current roofing assets. Properly constructed, the system will provide you with a clear picture of the condition, lifespan, budgets, and replacement benchmarks. Scott Roofing Services, Inc. will survey and document all components to create a current Roof Asset Database. This Roof Asset Database will contain:

  • Roof Asset Management Program MA Roofing ContractorInformation on each roof's history
  • The type of roof system, including insulation type
  • Manufacturer information and warranty status
  • Substrate type
  • Past performance and current conditions (written and photo).

Sounds like a lot of information to capture, catalog, report on, and keep current -doesn't it? For most companies it would be. Scott Roofing Services, Inc. uses software developed and written by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers called "Micro Roofer". This program makes it possible to create the database, maintain and analyze the data, and create reports. Roof plans, details and photos, specifications, and warranty documents are archived in a library in both paper and digital form. Once the roofing inventory is bench marked, any number of management tools can be provided. In-depth short and long-term budgeting for repairs and maintenance, life-cycle cost analysis, roof replacement targeting, and other financial decision-making tools are readily available.

Our "Roof Asset Management Program" has a higher initial cost than a basic roof system maintenance program, but provides more information and better control over roofing assets. Once the information is collected, Scott Roofing Services, Inc. can assist the owner in making better decisions and more complete budget forecasts.

One of the most important parts of a roof asset management program is turning the data into logical schedules of repairs and maintenance that will lead to fewer problems and longer roof system service life. Timely repairs and proper maintenance generally lead to lower overall cost, due to the expected savings from a longer roof system service life.

As you can see, our "Roof Asset Management Program" incorporates a wealth of information. Scott Roofing Services, Inc. can tailor a program to fit your facility's requirements and budget needs. Call us to discuss setting up your "Roof Asset Management Program" and we will provide you with a proposal.

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Scott Roofing Services, Inc. has you covered. We offer roll-off dumpster rentals.

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